No. 11 Industrial Zone Erliushi Sanqishi Town,Yuyao,zhejiang

Yongye 904(G4)

Strong supporting power, high reliability; Optional, Quanchai, Yuchai, Dongfangred engine, increase the diversity of supporting power, to meet different user needs; Emission standards for the domestic requirements of the country IV standard. Independently operated double action clutch, large torque reserve coefficient, high transmission capacity; Optional stepless adjustable wheel base, optional long wheelbase models to meet the needs of different regions; Double cylinder pressure elevator, with height limit, large lifting force, easy maintenance; Transmission adopts 12+12 shuttle shift, optional crawling gear, wide adaptability, high working efficiency; The maximum tractive force is greater than 25KN, suitable for heavy load operation; Good dynamic performance, duplex operation, PTO operation efficiency are relatively high; The use of front wheel 9.5-24, rear wheel 14.9-30 big tire configuration, good adaptability; Adopt independent hydraulic oil supply system, and optional single and double hydraulic output, to meet the diversification of machine operations. Flat floor, suspension pedal, side control, humanized design, comfortable operation, easy adjustment; Adopt side control, mesh sleeve shift, optional synchronizer shift, flexible and convenient operation; Hydraulic steering, flexible and light operation; New streamlined design body, beautiful appearance; Control system optimization and upgrade, small control force, comfortable operation; Fully enclosed cab, optional heating, air conditioning, fan system, luxury and comfort.

Extended suspension Enhanced lifting cylinder ensures more powerful lifting
The diesel engine has an intercooled radiator to ensure that the air burns at an optimal temperature
The cab is designed with a skylight to ensure smooth indoor air circulation
The instrument is a pure liquid crystal display with a fault code display device
Left and right double rotomized fuel tanks with a capacity of 235 liters ensure long working hours

Main technical parameters of Yongye 90-100 series tractors

Note: Due to the continuous improvement of the product, the above parameters are subject to change without prior notice!