No. 11 Industrial Zone Erliushi Sanqishi Town,Yuyao,zhejiang

Yongye 2404

Equipped with electronically controlled high pressure common rail engine, large torque reserve, low fuel consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. The transmission adopts 16+16 synchronizer shuttle shift, the operation is more flexible and light, and the full helical gear transmission, the optimization of gear ratio makes the gear speed match more reasonable, and the speed range is wide, which can meet the speed requirements of different regions and different agriculture. Equipped with imported German original LUK clutch, the use of hydraulic clutch power system, clutch operation is light, higher reliability. Electronic power lift control system, comfortable and light to operate: when the power lift system is working, the system automatically uses the integrated diagnostic program to detect the following functions: force adjustment, position adjustment, comprehensive adjustment, free floating, rapid descent, vibration damping, transport locking, external control switch, lifting height limit and descending speed limit. Optional type Ⅱ, Ⅲ three-point hanging device, suitable for a variety of agricultural machinery operations, high working efficiency. Hydraulic system independent oil supply, high reliability, with a new structure cooling system, light weight, easy maintenance, cleaning, heat dissipation capacity; Equipped with luxurious self-developed cab, advanced style interior, reasonable ergonomics, good operating comfort; Rear and rear adjustable steering wheel, equipped with luxury seats for greater comfort. The combined instrument integrates automatic fault diagnosis system, which can easily solve various faults of the whole machine.

Extended suspension Enhanced lifting cylinder ensures more powerful lifting
The diesel engine has an intercooled radiator to ensure that the air burns at an optimal temperature
The cab is designed with a skylight to ensure smooth indoor air circulation
The instrument is a pure liquid crystal display with a fault code display device
Left and right double rotomized fuel tanks with a capacity of 235 liters ensure long working hours

Main technical parameters of Yongye 240 series tractors

Note: Due to the continuous improvement of the product, the above parameters are subject to change without prior notice!