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Market development of tractors

In 2010, the tractor market in China operated steadily and presented many new characteristics. The total industrial output value and sales revenue reached 34.813 billion yuan and 40.023 billion yuan respectively. At the same time, the export delivery value continues to maintain a strong growth momentum, and the demand for large and medium-sized tractors in the domestic market continues to operate at a high level, but the growth rate is slowing down, and the demand continues to extend towards high horsepower; The small tractor market continues to climb at a double-digit rate.

On the other hand, the demand in various regional markets is uneven, brand competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and market concentration is further increasing. However, compared with developed agricultural countries and regions such as Europe and America, it has not yet reached the level of demand saturation. In addition, the backwardness of product structure and performance is a common problem in tractor products in China, and the technical level still needs to be improved; At the same time, the chaotic market order and disorderly competition among enterprises have also exposed that the quality of tractor products in China still needs to be improved.

From the requirements of the national agricultural mechanization development strategy, China’s agricultural mechanization development is currently in the intermediate stage, and the comprehensive mechanization level of cultivation and harvesting has just exceeded 50%. According to the “Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Agricultural Mechanization and Agricultural Machinery Industry”, by 2020, the comprehensive agricultural mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvesting in China should reach over 65%. That is to say, there is still a significant gap between the development of China’s agricultural machinery industry and the requirements of the national agricultural mechanization development strategy. As the power source of agricultural machinery products, tractors still have a large market demand space.

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