No. 11 Industrial Zone Erliushi Sanqishi Town,Yuyao,zhejiang

Yongye 604-3

The model adopts a strengthened chassis, transmission box and power output using mesh sleeve shift, solve the problem of shifting, easy to hang gear; Higher reliability, less failure, easy maintenance; Using hydraulic steering gear, easy to operate, greatly reduce labor intensity; Four-wheel drive is suitable for heavy and wet soil operation; Hydraulic lifting adopts force and position adjustment, which can well meet the requirements of ploughing and rotary ploughing, and keep the ploughing depth consistent; Good sealing, very suitable for paddy field operation; Supporting trailer can transport operation; Can also be used as a fixed pumping and threshing power source; Optional safety cab, safe and reliable, wide field of vision, good sealing, comfortable operation; The rear wheel base can be optionally fitted with 0.9 m to meet the needs of narrower ridge widths and narrower road passes; It is optional to increase the height of 90mm front axle, which can meet the operation requirements of higher crops; In order to meet the aesthetic needs of different users, this series of tractor covers are available in three kinds: square orange red, 3B (red, green) and new streamlined (red, green).

The four-post cab offers a wider view

The rear adjustable type meets the needs of users for different wheel bases

The long and wide fully sealed front axle is more suitable for paddy field operation

Very large 90L capacity fuel tank

Extended suspension enhanced lift cylinder lift more powerful

Main technical parameters of Yongye 60 series tractors

Note: Due to the continuous improvement of the product, the above parameters are subject to change without prior notice!